Upcoming Complexity Seminars in Manchester

All at 4pm, Friday, Neils Bohr Common Room, Schuster Building, Brunswick Street, University of Manchester. 

All welcome!

Today, 7th February : James Woodcock and team (Centre for Diet and Activity research, Cambridge) on "Learning what you need to cycle: an agent based model of cycle commuting"

February 14th, a Valentine Day's special, Luis Lafuerza on "Sex and noise in speciation"

February 21st:  Ruth Meyer on "DITCH - a model of inter-ethnic partnership"

February 28th:  George Constable TBA

March 7th:  Stefano Picascia on "An Agent Based Exploration of Urban Economic and Cultural Dynamics Under the Rent-Gap Hypotheses"


7th Feb: James Woodcock (Institute for public health, Cambridge) on "Learning what you need to cycle: an agent based model of cycle commuting"

James Woodcock, the programme lead in public health modelling at the Centre for Diet and Activity research at Cambridge, and two of his colleagues will talk about the model that they have been developing there concerning choices as to whether or not to bicyle.

The first versions of this model are up and running, and they would appreciate comments upon it.

4pm Neils Bohr Common room, UoM Physics building.

All welcome


Joint-funded PhD position on ABM and the environment available

A fully funded (fees, stipend and travel expenses) PhD studentship is available. This is jointly supervised by the James Hutton Institute (Scotlands internation research centre on the environment) and the Centre for Policy Modelling in Manchester (specialists in agent-based social simulation and evaluation).

Deadline for applications 17th Jan 2014.

Details at: http://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=49146


Manchester Complexity Seminars starting again friday 4pm (27th Oct)

And the first talk will be:

Jordi Hidalgo will talk on:  "The emergence of criticality in living systems: Practice Makes Critical"
4pm Neils Bohr Common Room, Schuster Building.  All welcome!


11 Sept. Symposium: Agent based models of landscape scale socio-ecological systems

Symposium: Agent based models of landscape scale
socio-ecological systems

at the 2013 European Congress of the International Association for Landscape
Ecology (IALE), Manchester, UK (September 13-16, 2013) http://www.iale2013.eu/,
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Manchester, UK)
ABM Symposium date: Wednesday September 11, 2013 ABM Symposium programme:
14:00-15:40 - Session I
Flávia Cardoso Pereira dos Santos, Henrique Donancio, Glenda Dimuro, Diana Adamatti, Graçaliz Dimuro and Esteban De Manuel Jerez - Using artifacts to model
systems in social simulation: A case study in an urban vegetable garden [Cancelled]
  •   Jon Pocock, Siôn Jones, Chris Counsell and Helen Wilkinson - Agent based models of
    water abstraction reform policy options
  •   Laurence Jolivet, Marianne Cohen and Anne Ruas - Assessing the effect of landscape change on fauna by agent-based model simulation
  •   Nic Elliot, Samuel Cushman, Andy Loveridge and David Macdonald - Simulating the effects of fencing protected areas on genetic diversity of lions in southern Africa
  •   Shah Jamal Alam, Martha Bakker, Eleni Karali, J. van Dijk, Mark Rounsevell - A land exchange agent-based model for the Baakse Beek region in Netherlands
    15:40-16:05 Tea and coffee 16:05-17:45 - Session II
  •   James D.A Millington - Representing cultural change in agent-based models of landscape scale socio-ecological systems
  •   Alessandro Gimona and Gary Polhill - Effect of food price spikes on the provision of ecosystem services: a coupled agent-based and environmental model
  •   Thomas Dalang and Anna M. Hersperger - “Qualitative Comparative Analysis” as a tool for modeling agents
Jasper van Vliet - A meta-analysis of agricultural land change in Europe to aid the design of an agent based land use model
For details about attending the symposium, please visit: http://www.iale2013.eu
Symposium organisers
Jasper van Vliet, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Shah Jamal Alam, University of Edinburgh, UK. 

All Welcome!