Short notice: Talk by Chris Blum on "Swarm Intelligence and Hybrid Metaheuristics" 17th Sept Manchester

Swarm Intelligence and Hybrid Metaheuristics
by Prof Christian Blum (http://www.ehu.es/cs-ikerbasque/blum/)

Abstract: The fields of swarm intelligence and hybrid metaheuristics are briefly introduced. Moreover, two application examples from the speakers' current/recent work are presented for each of the two main topics. Concerning swarm intelligence, the application examples will focus on recent work on self-synchronization found in colonies of ants and self-desynchronization to be observed in populations of Japanese tree frogs. Concerning hybrid metaheuristics, the application examples deal with combinations of metaheuristics with linear integer programming techniques.

*2pm* in *Lecture Theatre 1.3*, Computer Science, University of Manchester


Workshop on Modelling Routines 25th Nov 2014, Manchester

Guest speaker will be Professor Alan Warde, of the University of Manchester's Sustainable Consumption Institute.

Venue: the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.
MMUBS Building 

More details (when we know them) at: http://modellingroutines.wordpress.com

A free MOOC on "Complexity and Uncertainty" starting Sept 15 2014

Wander Jager, University of Gronigen, NL writes:

Over 9000 students have registered for our MOOC on complexity and
uncertainty. We expect this free MOOC to be a nice introduction in the
field for many interested people. I kindly ask you to share the following
link to inform potential participants...we start on September 15.



Upcoming Complexity Seminars in Manchester

All at 4pm, Friday, Neils Bohr Common Room, Schuster Building, Brunswick Street, University of Manchester. 

All welcome!

Today, 7th February : James Woodcock and team (Centre for Diet and Activity research, Cambridge) on "Learning what you need to cycle: an agent based model of cycle commuting"

February 14th, a Valentine Day's special, Luis Lafuerza on "Sex and noise in speciation"

February 21st:  Ruth Meyer on "DITCH - a model of inter-ethnic partnership"

February 28th:  George Constable TBA

March 7th:  Stefano Picascia on "An Agent Based Exploration of Urban Economic and Cultural Dynamics Under the Rent-Gap Hypotheses"


7th Feb: James Woodcock (Institute for public health, Cambridge) on "Learning what you need to cycle: an agent based model of cycle commuting"

James Woodcock, the programme lead in public health modelling at the Centre for Diet and Activity research at Cambridge, and two of his colleagues will talk about the model that they have been developing there concerning choices as to whether or not to bicyle.

The first versions of this model are up and running, and they would appreciate comments upon it.

4pm Neils Bohr Common room, UoM Physics building.

All welcome