One-day workshop: Complexity of evolutionary processes, Manchester 13th June

The Nonlinear and Complex Physics Group of the Institute of Physics is pleased to announce a one-day workshop on

‘Complexity of evolutionary processes in biology and the behavioural sciences’,

 to be held at the University of Manchester on Monday 13th June 2011. Membership of the IOP is not required to come to the meeting, and there is no registration fee.

We are pleased to announce that

Alan Grafen
Professor of Theoretical Biology, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

will deliver a keynote lecture titled,

A third kind of mathematical optimisation principle can help bring Darwinian order to equations of motion for gene frequencies.

With this email we would like to invite you to attend and submit an abstract for a short talk. Depending on the response we anticipate a series of 20-minute talks throughout the day, roughly from 10.30am to 4.00pm to facilitate travel to and from Manchester on the same day.

The theme of the meeting should be interpreted in a broad sense. We hope to attract participants and contributions from researchers interested in evolutionary complexity in a variety of disciplines, including for example biology, applied mathematics, and theoretical physics, but also from economics and the social sciences. We also hope that participants and speakers will include theoretical modellers as well as experimentalists, or researchers focusing on data-driven work.

If you would like to attend please let us know by 15th of April 2011, and indicate whether or not you would like to contribute to the programme - if you do please include a title and short abstract. We would like to encourage postgraduate students and post-docs as well as more experienced researchers to contribute.

We can be contacted at: tobias.galla@manchester.ac.uk and M.Mobilia@leeds.ac.uk.

Information about the meeting can also be found at http://www.theory.physics.manchester.ac.uk/~galla/ncpmeeting2011/ncpmeeting.html

Please feel free to forward this first announcement to interested colleagues, and to your post-docs and PhD students. Apologies for any potential double posting.

We look forward to welcoming you at the meeting in Manchester!

Mauro Mobilia and Tobias Galla
for the Nonlinear and Complex Physics Group of the Institute of Physics