SI of Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling on ABM

Deadline: Oct 1, 2012


Agent-based modeling is a vital technique for studying Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) as evidenced by the growing body of literature spanning disciplines ranging from Biology to the Social Sciences to Computer Science. This inaugural special issue of Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling (CASM) will publish key papers documenting multidisciplinary methods and applications for agent-based modeling of CAS. Agent-based modeling has become essential for the study of CAS. Many documented techniques and proven applications have emerged. This inaugural Special Issue will help consolidate these diverse ideas in a single volume and also help to introduce CASM to relevant communities. This Special Issue is reserved for detailed papers documenting successful agent-based modeling methodologies and application case studies in areas including, but not limited to, the following:

-       Life sciences such as Ecology , Biology, Biochemistry, Cancer, and Epidemiology
-       Social sciences
-       Reconfigurable energy
-       Economics
-       Communication networks and environments including large-scale wireless sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks, the Internet of Things, Cloud computing and (use of agent-based modeling for simulating) Multi-agent systems
-       Verification, validation, and accreditation of agent-based models
-       Methods for development and analysis of agent-based models

Type of articles:
- Research articles
- Book reviews
- Case studies
- Methodologies
- Reviews
- Short reports

For reference, each of these article types (and their requirements) is explained separately on this link:

Submission Instructions:
Before submission authors should carefully read over the Instructions for Authors, which are located at casmodeling.com/authors/instructions. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the SpringerOpen submission system at casmodeling.com/manuscript according to the submission schedule. They should specify the manuscript as a submission to the “Special Issue on Multidisciplinary Applications and Methods for Agent-based Modeling” in the cover letter. All submissions will undergo initial screening by the Guest Editors for fit to the theme of the Special Issue and prospects for successfully negotiating the review process.

Lead Guest Editor
Michael North, Argonne National Laboratories Email north@anl.gov

Guest Editors
Charles Macal, Argonne National Laboratories Email macal@anl.gov
Ted Carmichael, University of North Carolina Email tedsaid@gmail.com
Muaz A. Niazi, Bahria University, Pakistan Email muaz.niazi@gmail.com