Friday 4pm 31st, Tamas David-Barrett on: "Some topics regarding the evolution of human sociality"

Title: Some topics regarding the evolution of human sociality

This talk will first introduce the behavioural synchrony model: a two-level agent-based model of collective action coordination, followed by the overview of three applications: social stratification, social brain, and language. The second half of the talk will focus on two empirical questions concerning ego networks: the universality of close friendship, and the role of propinquity in storytelling.

Tamas David-Barrett is interdisciplinary behavioural scientist with a grounding in economics and evolutionary anthropology. His theoretical work concerns the evolution of social traits that allow the emergence of large and complex human societies. His empirical work concerns ego centred social interactions, in particular the evolution of close friendship, network effects in pair choice, and friendship-kinship trade-offs.  Tamas David-Barrett is a post-doc in Experimental Psychology of University of Oxford, and economics fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.
Neils Bohr Common Room, Schuster Building, All Welcome