Talk: Sylvia Walby on "Analysing intersectionality using complexity and systems theories ", 26 Oct

Room: Hanson room (HBS)

Time: 13:00-14:15

Presenter: Sylvia Walby


Analysing intersectionality using complexity and systems theories

The paper argues for the revision of the concept of social system using complexity theory in order to theorise changes in inequality in the current crisis. The analysis of intersecting social inequalities of gender, ethnicity and class is a challenge to social theory and has led some to reject the theorisation of society as a social system. Rather than such rejection, this paper uses complexity theory to revise the concept of social system. It demonstrates the relevance of this approach to the analysis of changes in diverse regimes of inequality in the current neoliberal crisis. Gender and class regimes of inequality mutually adapt, but are not mutually constituted.