11 Sept. Symposium: Agent based models of landscape scale socio-ecological systems

Symposium: Agent based models of landscape scale
socio-ecological systems

at the 2013 European Congress of the International Association for Landscape
Ecology (IALE), Manchester, UK (September 13-16, 2013) http://www.iale2013.eu/,
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Manchester, UK)
ABM Symposium date: Wednesday September 11, 2013 ABM Symposium programme:
14:00-15:40 - Session I
Flávia Cardoso Pereira dos Santos, Henrique Donancio, Glenda Dimuro, Diana Adamatti, Graçaliz Dimuro and Esteban De Manuel Jerez - Using artifacts to model
systems in social simulation: A case study in an urban vegetable garden [Cancelled]
  •   Jon Pocock, Siôn Jones, Chris Counsell and Helen Wilkinson - Agent based models of
    water abstraction reform policy options
  •   Laurence Jolivet, Marianne Cohen and Anne Ruas - Assessing the effect of landscape change on fauna by agent-based model simulation
  •   Nic Elliot, Samuel Cushman, Andy Loveridge and David Macdonald - Simulating the effects of fencing protected areas on genetic diversity of lions in southern Africa
  •   Shah Jamal Alam, Martha Bakker, Eleni Karali, J. van Dijk, Mark Rounsevell - A land exchange agent-based model for the Baakse Beek region in Netherlands
    15:40-16:05 Tea and coffee 16:05-17:45 - Session II
  •   James D.A Millington - Representing cultural change in agent-based models of landscape scale socio-ecological systems
  •   Alessandro Gimona and Gary Polhill - Effect of food price spikes on the provision of ecosystem services: a coupled agent-based and environmental model
  •   Thomas Dalang and Anna M. Hersperger - “Qualitative Comparative Analysis” as a tool for modeling agents
Jasper van Vliet - A meta-analysis of agricultural land change in Europe to aid the design of an agent based land use model
For details about attending the symposium, please visit: http://www.iale2013.eu
Symposium organisers
Jasper van Vliet, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Shah Jamal Alam, University of Edinburgh, UK. 

All Welcome!